FICIMAD 2021 Awards

FICIMAD Honorary Award 2021

Wagner Moura

Micro Movies

Best Picture Hair (Milena Viitman)

Best Director Debt (Sergey Mikushin)

Best Actor Jack Hyde (Bye Dummy)

Best Actress Isabel Bernal (How to be)

Best Cinematography Aleksandar Tomovski (The Paradox)

Best Documentary Maderando (Jérémi Stadler)

Best Film Editing Lasse Buchhop (Return / revive)

Best Original Music Melissa Glasscock (Music of Love)

Best Sound Charles S. Kuzmanovic and Johann Calderón (Silver)

Best Screenplay Anton Rubio (Personaje)

Best Animated Film Red. The Color Whitin (William Javier La Portilla)

Best Experimental Film The Semiotics of Adornment - 5 Thematic Variations (Elin Johnston)

Best Pandemic Film Chemical Industries vs COVID-19 (Vittorio Caratozzolo & 3 A)

Grand Jury Prize Dream (Majid Sabri)

Student Movies

Best Picture Alone Together (Aglaja Filipović)

Best Director Mark Shaba (Rosie)

Best Actor Eryk Trzciński (The taste of stinging nettle)

Best Actress Jasmine Ribes (Christmas Eve)

Best Cinematography Žiga Planinšek (Otava)

Best Documentary I Know Nothing about Seagulls (Ana Tejedor)

Best Film Editing Mohsen Mohammadi (Viewpoint)

Best Screenplay Pedro Chilibroste (Esas cosas se saben, Horacio)

Best Sound Hossein Ghourchian (12 o’clock)

Best Animated Film 愛.LOVE (Rhea Yi Zhang)

Best Experimental Film Bird (Wu-Ching Chang)

Best Film-Noir Across Her Mind (Nuno Figueiredo)

Short Movies


Best Picture Steven Esteb (A Cry For Help)

Best Director Memory of the Forgotten Marta Arjona, Maite Blasco, Raquel Rodríguez

Best Actor Massimiliano Rossi (Fame)

Best Actress Francie Silva (Colorful Peace)

Best Supporting Actor Hiroaki Kawai (Goodbye My Son)

Best Supporting Actress Faye Tamsin (Guardian Angel)

Best Art direction Camila Mejía Duque (Mine)

Best Cinematography Ludmylla Reis (Away)

Best Film Editing Un Giorno a Roma (A day in Rome) David Collier Giulia Siciliano

Best Screenplay Silma García Márquez (I see)

Best Sound Dhruv K Singhal (Logorrhoea)

Best Original Music Rick Cerda (My impedimenta)

Best Animated Film Monkey Business (Jan Beyen)

Best Experimental Film Winter Into Spring/ Reflections on 2020 (Mike Gainor)

Best Indie Film Slaughter (Saman Hosseinpuor, Ako Zandkarimi)

Best Sci-fi Film Air Time (Jack Dyson)

Best First Time Filmmaker In Solitude (Cody Wyatt Baldwin)

Grand Audience Award Hit List // The Love Project

Don Quixote Award PHARMAKOSIS Sze Lin Pang


Best Picture Agnès Varda (Mohammad Mohammadian)

Best Director Matthaios Frantzeskakis (Marika.. why be afraid)

Best Cinematography David Roger Juan (April Days)

Best Film Editing Alessandro Turchioe (Who Wants to Live and Die Forever?)

Featurette Movies


Best Picture Transfigured Night (Leonard Lücke)

Best Director Vita Grama (Nicola Belleri)

Best Actor Máximo Aguiló Meraz (MAX.Exe)

Best Actress Russier Coralie (Le Varou)

Best Supporting Actor Mikel Arostegui (5 hours, 39 minutes, 25 seconds)

Best Supporting Actress Helîm Bulut (The Weapon)

Best Original Music Georg Friedrich Hass (Hyena)

Best Cinematography Anatoliy Gankevich (Aquatoria)

Best Film Editing Edris Naseri (Wait a moment)

Best Screenplay Caroline Brami, Frédéric Bas (The Inspection )

Best Sound Sandro di Stefano (The Eve)

Best Experimental Film Wind Well (James A. Cook)


Best Picture Niblets (Douglas Vuncannon)

Best Director Matt D’Henin (The Island Dweller)

Best Film Editing Paula G. de la Fuente (Selected Milk (Added from Reconstituted Milk Powder Whole Pasteurized Homogenized)

Feature Movies


Best Picture Crime Scene (Pedro Tavares)

Best Director Half Lives (Sylvia Toy St. Louis)

Best Actor Maanav (Irumbu)

Best Actress Greta Fernández (Pessoas)

Best Supporting Actor Javier Martínez (Last Train to Rock 'n Roll)

Best Supporting Actress Athira Madhav (Devika)

Best Cinematography Mariano Castaño (The Things Where They no Longer Were)

Best Film Editing Oliver Simon (North of the night)

Best Screenplay Arvind Appadourai (Melody of Ceylon)

Best Sound Leonardo Fuica and Demian Fuica (Camping Trip)

Best Animated Film My Uncle José (Ducca Rios)

Best Experimental Film Before the Close of Day (Peter Lucas)

Best Horror Film Sister (Colin Denhart)

Best Thriller Utopia, the movie (Gino Tassara, Jorge Vilela)

Best Art Direction Pacha

Golden Helmet of Mambrino for Best Director Shadows of Mud (Halil Can Akbulut)


Best Picture Nuilt Lands (Arturo Dueñas Herrero)

Best Director Magone (Atsushi Tanabe)

Best Cinematography Kym Oeser (Our Nowhere Lands)

Best Film Editing Federico Schiavi (A Declaration Of Love)

Best Screenplay Adrian Randall A Human Year is Seven Earth Years

Best Sound Danton Zafra and Edison Chavarro (Memory of Struggle)


Best Trailer Pasola (Joo Peter)

Oustanding achievement Ebony Hustle (Jamezz Hampton)

Best TV/WEB Episodes

L’Homme Triste Xavier Pijuan Sala

Best Music Videos

Bicho Blanco - Miel del Aguacate Daniel Piojos Miranda