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FICIMAD (Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Madrid) is an annual international competition in Madrid (Spain) which accepts films from all over the globe, offering awards in various categories. The festival, founded in 2021, is held every year in spring.
The festival’s biggest prize is the Don Quixote Award, which awards the Best Picture of the edition. Other important awards are Mambrino’s Golden Helmet for Best Director, the FICIMAD Grand Jury Award and the FICIMAD Grand Audience Award.
FICIMAD always holds screenings of the films selected for the occasion in one of the best cinemas in the city of Madrid, filling the theaters with passionate spectators. Every year, Madrid becomes the capital of independent cinema and auteur cinema where hundreds of fans of the seventh art and representatives of the film sector come together to indulge their love for cinema in all its aspects.
We dedicate ourselves to awarding films based on their originality and creativity, whilst considering their budget restrictions. The films are chosen and selected without having any prejudice or undervaluation regarding the person or place from which they come. We serve any type of film genre, appreciating the particularities and indifferences of the films without having any prior preference. We strongly consider work that challenges traditional and current visual communication methods while continuing to function as a mode for exploring narrative and personal expression.
The winning films will be in live screening in an event for all audiences. Our mission and goal is to discover and promote talented filmmakers from all over the world and present them to the public and promotes the discussion and study of filmmaking.
The FICIMAD gala has professional presenters, initial live audiovisual show, constant film screenings for an entire day, presentation of trophies to the main awards and free Spanish gastronomic food catering. Admission to the event is free to guarantee that there is a massive audience, creating every year an enjoyable, fun, enriching, memorable and artistic show.


The fourth edition of FICIMAD took place at the Filmoteca Española (Cine Doré). The Cine Doré, inaugurated on December 19, 1912, is one of the historic film theaters in Madrid, located on Calle Santa Isabel, 3, in the Antón Martín neighborhood. Originally it had capacity for 1,250 spectators and was composed of a ground floor and two floors, a garden and a smoking room. In 1923, the architectural project of Críspulo Moro Cabeza used the current modernist style that makes the Cine Dore of unusual beauty and the most emblematic cinema in Spain. The charismatic cinema is a must-visit place for all lovers of cinematographic art.