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FICIMAD 2024 Awards

FICIMAD 2021 Awards

FICIMAD Honorary Award 2021

Wagner Moura

Micro Movies

Best Picture Hair (Milena Viitman)

Best Director Debt (Sergey Mikushin)

Best Actor Jack Hyde (Bye Dummy)

Best Actress Isabel Bernal (How to be)

Best Cinematography Aleksandar Tomovski (The Paradox)

Best Documentary Maderando (Jérémi Stadler)

Best Film Editing Lasse Buchhop (Return / revive)

Best Original Music Melissa Glasscock (Music of Love)

Best Sound Charles S. Kuzmanovic and Johann Calderón (Silver)

Best Screenplay Anton Rubio (Personaje)

Best Animated Film Red. The Color Whitin (William Javier La Portilla)

Best Experimental Film The Semiotics of Adornment – 5 Thematic Variations (Elin Johnston)

Best Pandemic Film Chemical Industries vs COVID-19 (Vittorio Caratozzolo & 3 A)

Grand Jury Prize Dream (Majid Sabri)

Student Movies

Best Picture Alone Together (Aglaja Filipović)

Best Director Mark Shaba (Rosie)

Best Actor Eryk Trzciński (The taste of stinging nettle)

Best Actress Jasmine Ribes (Christmas Eve)

Best Cinematography Žiga Planinšek (Otava)

Best Documentary I Know Nothing about Seagulls (Ana Tejedor)

Best Film Editing Mohsen Mohammadi (Viewpoint)

Best Screenplay Pedro Chilibroste (Esas cosas se saben, Horacio)

Best Sound Hossein Ghourchian (12 o’clock)

Best Animated Film 愛.LOVE (Rhea Yi Zhang)

Best Experimental Film Bird (Wu-Ching Chang)

Best Film-Noir Across Her Mind (Nuno Figueiredo)

Short Movies


Best Picture Steven Esteb (A Cry For Help)

Best Director Memory of the Forgotten Marta Arjona, Maite Blasco, Raquel Rodríguez

Best Actor Massimiliano Rossi (Fame)

Best Actress Francie Silva (Colorful Peace)

Best Supporting Actor Hiroaki Kawai (Goodbye My Son)

Best Supporting Actress Faye Tamsin (Guardian Angel)

Best Art direction Camila Mejía Duque (Mine)

Best Cinematography Ludmylla Reis (Away)

Best Film Editing Un Giorno a Roma (A day in Rome) David Collier Giulia Siciliano

Best Screenplay Silma García Márquez (I see)

Best Sound Dhruv K Singhal (Logorrhoea)

Best Original Music Rick Cerda (My impedimenta)

Best Animated Film Monkey Business (Jan Beyen)

Best Experimental Film Winter Into Spring/ Reflections on 2020 (Mike Gainor)

Best Indie Film Slaughter (Saman Hosseinpuor, Ako Zandkarimi)

Best Sci-fi Film Air Time (Jack Dyson)

Best First Time Filmmaker In Solitude (Cody Wyatt Baldwin)

Grand Audience Award Hit List // The Love Project

Don Quixote Award PHARMAKOSIS Sze Lin Pang


Best Picture Agnès Varda (Mohammad Mohammadian)

Best Director Matthaios Frantzeskakis (Marika.. why be afraid)

Best Cinematography David Roger Juan (April Days)

Best Film Editing Alessandro Turchioe (Who Wants to Live and Die Forever?)

Featurette Movies


Best Picture Transfigured Night (Leonard Lücke)

Best Director Vita Grama (Nicola Belleri)

Best Actor Máximo Aguiló Meraz (MAX.Exe)

Best Actress Russier Coralie (Le Varou)

Best Supporting Actor Mikel Arostegui (5 hours, 39 minutes, 25 seconds)

Best Supporting Actress Helîm Bulut (The Weapon)

Best Original Music Georg Friedrich Hass (Hyena)

Best Cinematography Anatoliy Gankevich (Aquatoria)

Best Film Editing Edris Naseri (Wait a moment)

Best Screenplay Caroline Brami, Frédéric Bas (The Inspection )

Best Sound Sandro di Stefano (The Eve)

Best Experimental Film Wind Well (James A. Cook)


Best Picture Niblets (Douglas Vuncannon)

Best Director Matt D’Henin (The Island Dweller)

Best Film Editing Paula G. de la Fuente (Selected Milk (Added from Reconstituted Milk Powder Whole Pasteurized Homogenized)

Feature Movies


Best Picture Crime Scene (Pedro Tavares)

Best Director Half Lives (Sylvia Toy St. Louis)

Best Actor Maanav (Irumbu)

Best Actress Greta Fernández (Pessoas)

Best Supporting Actor Javier Martínez (Last Train to Rock ‘n Roll)

Best Supporting Actress Athira Madhav (Devika)

Best Cinematography Mariano Castaño (The Things Where They no Longer Were)

Best Film Editing Oliver Simon (North of the night)

Best Screenplay Arvind Appadourai (Melody of Ceylon)

Best Sound Leonardo Fuica and Demian Fuica (Camping Trip)

Best Animated Film My Uncle José (Ducca Rios)

Best Experimental Film Before the Close of Day (Peter Lucas)

Best Horror Film Sister (Colin Denhart)

Best Thriller Utopia, the movie (Gino Tassara, Jorge Vilela)

Best Art Direction Pacha

Golden Helmet of Mambrino for Best Director Shadows of Mud (Halil Can Akbulut)


Best Picture Nuilt Lands (Arturo Dueñas Herrero)

Best Director Magone (Atsushi Tanabe)

Best Cinematography Kym Oeser (Our Nowhere Lands)

Best Film Editing Federico Schiavi (A Declaration Of Love)

Best Screenplay Adrian Randall A Human Year is Seven Earth Years

Best Sound Danton Zafra and Edison Chavarro (Memory of Struggle)


Best Trailer Pasola (Joo Peter)

Oustanding achievement Ebony Hustle (Jamezz Hampton)

Best TV/WEB Episodes

L’Homme Triste Xavier Pijuan Sala

Best Music Videos

Bicho Blanco – Miel del Aguacate Daniel Piojos Miranda


FICIMAD Honorary Award 2024

Penelope Ann Miller

Micro Movies


-Best Picture The Anchor and the Kite Jeff O’Brien Myers, Forest Blakk

-Best Director Anne Ciecko Soft, Petrykivka

-Best Actress Anna Pirillo Compleanno di Anna (Anna’s Birthday)

-Best Actor Yoel Ron Everyone Sits Alone

-Best Screenplay saba hasan death will come like a shadow

-Best Cinematography Alexey Popov Relentless

-Best Film Editing Giulia Maturani Maggio può aspettare (May can wait)

-Best Sound Finn Harvor Deep into another Night

-Best Visual Effects Rafi Tannous 5AM

-Best Art Direction Karolina Gliniewicz ASMR deconstruction

-Best Costume Design Iole Mirante To exist

-Best Original Score Jude Holmes Coming Together

-Best Comedy Tarzán Giuseppe Rattá

-Best Essay Film Inevitable Nils, and Nothings in Between Naim El Hajj

-Best Indie Film Silent marjan sharifnia

-Best Animated Film Tears In The Pocket Kathleen Judge

-Best Horror Film Hollow Humanity – Contempt // Misery Bosco Cabello

-Best Experimental Film Cadenas Antonio Quijano

-Best Sci-fi Film The Great Harburg Trouble Gökay Biliç

-Best Child Artist Muzammil Taha Shaikh “The Flying Wish”

-Outstanding Achievement Was Schuhe träumen (What Shoes Dream) Christa Azzola

-Honorable Mention Book of the Dead Brigid Tucker

-FICIMAD Best Live Performance I dream My dream Monique van Kerkhof, Bo Oudendijk

-FICIMAD Grand Audience Award 猫猫的头七 (The 7th Night: MaoMao Revisits) ahLoong


-Best Documentary Los Olvidados. Caso Venezuela Nicola Losan

-Best Director Efi Amanatidou Αντίστιξη (contrapunto)

-Best Film Editing Lidiya Huzhva Siren! Air Raid Alert! Head for Cover!

-Best Cinematography Alejandro Segovia, Teo Marinakis PRJCT. VOYGR: ILHA dos DESEJOS



-Best Picture Inanis Miriam Moros Cristóbal

-Best Director Juan Ballesteros El Reflejo de las Grullas (The Reflection of the Cranes))

-Best Actress Dostana Nikolić 5/3/0

-Best Actor Sergio Lozano Bataca

-Best Supporting Actor Hossein Samari بَدَوی (The Primitive)

-Best Supporting Actress Sara Pavlovic Na Terasi (On the terrace)

-Best Screenplay Maryam Rahmanian La dualité (Duality)

-Best Cinematography Shingkhanu Marma خطى أب (Father’s Footsteps)

-Best Art Direction Ivana Reyes, Felipe Silva Zepeda CAFFÉ DE 2 & 3 (COFFEE OF 2 & 3)

-Best Film Editing Alex Duque What You Watch

-Best Makeup Emma Mae Zich Fool

-Best Sound Sophie Rogers The Familiar Tide

-Best Experimental Film תרגיל בהתעוררות (In Living Memory) Ari Gilad

-Best Super-Hero Film Super Deer Man Jing Huang

-Best Animated Film Flamin Hot Clàudia Romeo Cassadó, Paula Othmer Pérez, Alícia García Iniesta, Adrià Carballada Mallofré, Leanora Schnog Barriga, Bernardo Oliveira Mesquita, Marlon Anthony Hugi Zapata, Pol Corcoles, Sergi Mora Murciano, Pablo Matas Solera

-Best Indie Film Q Iñaki Herrera Tamez

-Best Thriller Butterfly Wings Yu-Quan Huang

-Best First Time Filmmaker Weiming Wang Accompany

-FICIMAD Don Quixote Award for Best Picture Michelangelo Stefano Pio


-Best Picture Ваша Мішель/Vasha Michel’ (I Am Michelle) Olena Siyatovska

-Best Director Yafa Ezzat Shahroor, Mo’men Ghanim Hasanain Shahroor

-Best Film Editing Justin Lemay Mes petits bébés (My Littles Babies)

-Best Cinematography Julie Kebbi Sabab Woujoudi (My Reason for Being)

-Best Sound Anna Katharina Minsch Feet Fear Freedom

Short Movies


-Best Picture El viaje (The journey) TROVADOR

-Best Director Mohammad Soraya برنو (Brno)

-Best Actress Marisin Luzcando En El Aire (Clinging to Air)

-Best Actor Sean Tansey The Stones of Rome

-Best Supporting Actor David Alonso Cloro (Chlorine)

-Best Supporting Actress Parisa Habibi Ghalat Gir (Correction Fluid)

-Best Cinematography Armin Yousefzadeh INTERVAL

-Best Film Editing Maria Papoutsis Not To Be

-Best Art Direction Rana Maoued My Toy

-Best Screenplay Maélie Jaffrin Noches de Serendipia (Nights of serendipity)

-Best Sound Marte R. Gutiérrez, Alex García García Me llamo Carla (My name is Carla)

-Best Original Score Amirhossein Mousavi The Young Mozart

-Best Costume Design Yuliana Andreeva Честное слово (Word of honour)

-Best Makeup Haleh Alizadeh The Last Version of Love

-Best Visual Effects Cyprian Hercka Affentanz – Hunter

-Best Animated Film Sound of the Shadow Gairah Praskovia

-Best Film Noir CHIAROSCURO Philip Wan

-Best Thriller SCAVENGER Alborz Poursayad

-Best Experimental Film Mind Mines, Parisian Mentalscapes Yossi Galanti

-Best Comedy Good Girl Jenny Kleiman

-Best Indie Film Döngü (Cycle) naz çaybaşı

-Best Fantasy Film Unworthy Eta Dahlia

-Best Sci-fi Film YOU THINK ALTHOUGH YOU ARE NOT Salaheddin Noori

-Best War Film UMUT (HOPE) Volkan GİRGİN

-Best Western Der Kofferraum (The Trunk) Pablo Knappe Rodriguez

-Best Horror Film The Creature Muhammad Reza Yarikia

-Best First Time Filmmaker Maryam Mahani نگاهم می کند (She Sees Me)

-Honorable Mention The New Flesh Rupert Jörg

-Outstanding Achievement برای کودکی که هرگز زاده نشد (For child never born) Afsaneh Aghanezhad, Vali Bagheri

-FICIMAD Golden Helmet of Mambrino for Best Director Shahoo Ahmadi Red

-FICIMAD Grand Jury Prize Soltar (Leave behind) Isabel Bernal


-Best Documentary Yoko Bruno Pulici

-Best Director Mandy Williams Vanishing

-Best Cinematography Maite Blasco En(re)cordar (Weaving Memories)

-Best Film Editing Romina Bentancur El sueño de la actriz (An Actress’ Dream)

-Best Screenplay Roberto Galante LA LIXEIRA – la dignità degli invisibili (LA LIXEIRA – the invisibles’ dignity)

-Best Sound Paul Rowland Forest/ry

Featurette Movies


-Best Picture Invisible Lines Rana Sajjadi

-Best Director G-Hey Kim 우리 (Tied)

-Best Actress Brinnen Thompson Sunrise Hill

-Best Actor Varakunan Panchalingam IN THE CLOSET

-Best Supporting Actor Derek Bauder Pollo Loco

-Best Supporting Actress Lilo Wanders Das Kulturgespräch im Radio (Culture Talk on the Radio)

-Best Cinematography Milad Hosseini سالمرگ (Death Anniversary)


-Best Screenplay Yuichiro Nakada Gift

-Best Sound Nelson Fernandes, Mário Fernandes, Loukia Batsi Mnemosyne

-Best Original Score Michael Kinney Nomadic Mythologies

-Best Indie Film Audition Gino Zhang

-Best Makeup Mahya Akbari رد و بدل (EXCHANGE)

-Best Film Noir Expose Amir Mohtashami, Ali Baghi zadeh

-Best Thriller Zero Coordinates Nima Valibeigi

-Best Experimental Film The Cave Sylvia Toy St. Louis

-Best Horror Film White Gaze ETA

-Best Virtual Reality Film Rambai Sonna Kadhai Diwakar Vijayakumar


-Best Documentary صیاد کاپلو (Sayad Capello) Rostam Nazari

-Best Director Héctor Almeida Para Esteban (To Esteban)

-Best Cinematography Zoum Domínguez Blanco Fotógrafo Callejero (Street Photographer)

-Best Film Editing Saeed Mayahy, Miriam Carlsen Game Over

-Best Screenplay Domenico Rodolfo Grillone Axé, Salvador!

-Best Sound Masato Ushimaru Our Co-Blind – An Ethnography of Care among Visually Impaired Communities in Baguio

-Best LGTBTQIA+ Film -سَتُشرقُ من المغرب (Maghreb’s hope) Bassem Ben Brahim

Feature Movies


-Best Picture For The Sake Of Ava Mohsen Seraji

-Best Director shahram Badakhshan mehr Ujan Story


-Best Actor Miguel Borges THE NOTHINGNESS CLUB

-Best Supporting Actor Alvaro Rodríguez Rapunzel, el Perro y el Brujo

-Best Supporting Actress Penelope Ann Miller The Virgin of Highland Park

-Best Cinematography Roman Kasseroller Tres Hermanos (Three Brothers)

-Best Film Editing Arvind Kumar Appadourai Three sisters in a boat

-Best Screenplay Atsushi Ishizaka 石岡タロー (Ishioka TARO)

-Best Original Score Nitin Kumar Gupta Walk

-Best Musical Film Son of Adam Amartya Bhattacharyya




-Best Documentary The Football Aficionado Sharmin Mojtahedzadeh, Paliz Khoshdel

-Best Director Mohammad Abedi All The Eyes

-Best Cinematography Diogo Pessoa de Andrade Sikat Subar (A Hidden Colorful Feather)

-Best Film Editing Ehsan Vaseghi, Parinaz Hashemi, Pooya Parsamagham Ali Vs. Ali


Best Trailer

-Ogoh Ogoh – the Goddess and the Monster Joo Peter

Best TV/WEB Episodes

-Bibliotheca do Sorrir (Smile Library) Bernardo Bibancos

Best Music Videos

-Una despedida a tiempo Edgar Soberón

FICIMAD 2022 Awards

FICIMAD Honorary Award 2022

Mu Pan

Micro Movies


Best Picture  Cliché (Giuppi Rattá Gutiérrez)

Best Director  Aquiles Cervantes (Cerdo) 

Best Actor  Beharam Nozari (Traffic Control Tower)

Best Actress  Cecilia Candia (Dance Party)

Best Cinematography  Mijrin Al Hajri (Forever)

Best Film Editing  Nathan Rogers (Knights When We Dream)

Best Sound  David Fuentes (Arsenio & Altagracia)

Best Screenplay  Prakhar Gautam (A hopeless handbook on how to make an existential film) 

Best Comedy  Me mola tu padre (Isabel Bernal)

Best Experimental Film  Dead Memory (Jose Pablo Moreno Gomez)

Best Indie Film  Deadly-C (Ashish Bisht)

Best Animated Film  People and the Moon (Younes Kaffashian)

Best Inspirational Film  Ukungu (Multispecter) Johannes Horak


Best Picture Thaipusam – trance for the son of Shiva (Joo Peter)

Best Director  Sam Blake Talbot (Ainsworth)

Best Cinematography  Andrei Smoler (Minha Mãe Fazia)

Best Film Editing  Kevin Zamora (Rama: portrait of a delivery man)

Student Movies


Best Picture  Mireyita (Orangel Lugo) 

Best Director  Nika Otrin (Kar pustim, ostane)

Best Actor  Ahmet Melih Yilmaz (Hemnefes)

Best Actress  Katrien Pairoux (Burning Masks)

Best Cinematography  Matthew Penney (Dishonesty)

Best Film Editing  Ahmad Kanou (Blinded by Desire)

Best Screenplay  shuojia chen (My Mon Wants to Kill Me)

Best Sound  David Peleijà (Ventanas) 

Best Animated Film  Genethic (Laia Batlle Bos, Cristian Casas Castillo, Laia Cuffi Falgueras, Marina Salas Ferré, Irene Fernández Ayguadé, Sergi Ferrà Montero, Gerard Grifell Botargues, Silvia Ros Fité, Sergi Solanes Vilanova, Felix Tejedor Regás, Joan Valdivielso Llaudet)


Best Picture The Last Photo (Mehmet Akif Guler)

Best Director Danilo Stanimirović (Prokop)

Best Cinematography  Felipe Quintelas (Neon Phantom)

Best Film Editing  Gianfranco Bastianelli (Raíces)

Best Screenplay  Josefina Horquin (En este momento las cataratas están sonando)  


Short Movies


Best Picture  Orlagh Heverin (Deoch Dance)  

Best Director  Carlox Cadena (Fin de primavera) 

Best Actor   Ersin Muhaxheri (Dur Gur Mur) 

Best Actress  Marta Marlo (Work)

Best Supporting Actor  Mohamed Han Gamgoum (Opposite Direction)

Best Supporting Actress  Maite Blasco (Una vida mejor)

Best Cinematography  Mario Leclere  (La Reina de las Marismas)

Best Film Editing  Nicolas Monfort (Round Round Round) 

Best Screenplay  Milena Castro Etcheberry (Julieta y la Luna)

Best Sound  Mohammad hassan yassaee  (Dog)

Best Animated Film  Where the Winds Die (Pejman Alipour)

Best Experimental Film  The Dark Forest (Martin Del Carpio)

Best Musical Film  Buskers (Toygar Kabaş)

Best Essay Film  White Hole (Eavan Aiken)

Best Thriller Film  Kaaliraathri (Bishwas Balan)

Best Film Noir  Wish (JFL Bosch)

Best Indie Film  Subsidiary House (Milad Taleghani, Vahid Aalam)

Best Horror Film  Nowhere To Escape (ZiYuan Wang)

Best LGTBTQIA+ Film   Camisado (Thomas Gidlow) 

Don Quixote Award  Le Dérèglement Des Prés (Antoine Pouilly)

FICIMAD Grand Audience Award  The Sea (Sahra Ramezanian)

Grand Jury Prize  Kash (Junaid Imam)


Best Picture  May We Know Our Own Strength (Jih-E Peng)

Best Director Rafael de Almeida (Arrorró)

Best Cinematography  Raissa Contreras (The Bel Loc Diner) 

Best Film Editing  Jack Lunt (A Map In Search of a Territory)

Featurette Movies


Best Picture  Empty (Jafar Pooyandeh)

Best Director  Morad Mostafa (Khadiga) 

Best Actor  Nicolas Couchet (Serge)

Best Actress  Mireille Roussel (Dora)

Best Cinematography   Vahid Bioute (Set-Up)

Best Film Editing  Ravi (Seeds)

Best Screenplay  Armin Rahiminezhad (Dawn)

Best Western  Mátalos y no vuelvas sola (Enrique Novials)

Best Sci-Fi Film  離魂暗逐 Anima Possession (Wai Mo Chan)

Best Sound  Martin Hug (reverberating interferences – explorations into thingness)

Best Experimental Film  Our Horizons (Charlotte Cayeux)

Golden Helmet of Mambrino for Best Director  For I Am Dead (Patricia Delso Lucas)


Best Picture  A Tradicional Família Brasileira KATU (Rodrigo Sena Sena)

Best Director  Rubén Hornillo (Un Revolucionario de Charol)

Best Cinematography Wawrzyniec Skoczylas (RUST)

Best Film Editing  Emily Felder (װער װעט בלײַבן?  Who Will Remain?)

Best Screenplay  Fernando Fraguela Fosado (El Matadero)

Best Sound  Michele Conti (PescAmare)

Feature Movies


Best Picture  Mother of Apostles (Zaza Buadze)

Best Director  Brett Gregory  (Nobody Loves You and You Don’t Deserve to Exist)

Best Actor  Eduardo Cocciardo (The Offline)

Best Actress  Eva Habermann (The Ugly Truth)

Best Supporting Actor  Álex Ramos (12 Palabras)

Best Supporting Actress  Chioma Juanita (Life In The Blood)

Best Cinematography  Evan Barry (Holy Island)

Best Film Editing  Fabian Feiner, Sebastian Schwarz (Two Is a Magic Number)

Best Screenplay  Ana Lazarevic (The Game)

Best Indie Film  Elektra, My love (Hisham Bizri)

Best Experimental Film The Body Won’t Close (Mattijs van de Port)


Best Picture  Todos quieren ser el próximo Weismann (Alberto Triano)

Best Director Gilbert Brüning (All short films about the work & the exhibitions of “BrückenKunst” from 2014 to 2019, a group of unrecognized artists in Berlin)

Best Cinematography  Dongnan Chen (旷野歌声 Singing in the Wilderness)

Best Film Editing  John Alexander (Little Satchmo)

Best Screenplay  Matías Quetglas, Jesús Gáchez (Mientras vivas, brilla)

Best Sound  Andrea Álvarez Sánchez (El pasado está presente)

Best First Time Filmmaker  Medhin Tewolde Serrano (Negra)



Two Drunk Dudes & a Female-Identifying Chatbot Write a Story! (Paul Goodwyn Bernhard)

Best TV/WEB Episodes

Bad Agent (Brandon Junk)

Best Music Videos

ADHD – SÄYE SKYE (Sina Dolati)

Outstanding Achievement  EVERYTHING IS EXPLAINED, The Little Brooklyn (Olivier Simon)