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Mina Hamedani

Mina Hamedanee was born in 1985. She is an Iranian painter, actress and filmmaker. She has presented his paintings as a group in several painting exhibitions in Iran. She has acted in theaters such as Macbeth written by William Shakespeare and Madness in 4.48 written by Sarah Kane and also has the experience of acting, directing and assistant director in several short films and movies.
How and when did Elika Abdollahi tell you about the idea of the project? What was it like working with her?
Elika and I were in the same class and a year before starting the project, Elika talked to me about the character of her film and what kind of film she wanted to make. From that moment, Elika’s seriousness, determination and great enthusiasm encouraged me to work with her and I always thank God for this acquaintance.
How are you similar and how are you different from your character Miss Ahmadi?
The character of Khanum Ahmadi was very complicated for me. The fact that he was doing stressful and stressful work, but his appearance was calm, I see him as similar to me, and the difference with me is that even though I am an actor, in the real world, when I want to tell even the smallest lie, he laughs at me and I can’t at all to continue.
How was working with Hesam Hosseini, Ebrahim Barzide and Soheil Mirza?
I had experience working with Sohail before, but it was really an interesting experience with Hossam and Ibrahim.
What was the most difficult sequence to record in the film?
The fight and reaction sequence was one of the most difficult.
What is it like to be a successful actress in Iran?
I still don’t see myself as a good actor, but I think the most important thing is to have deep life experiences and be able to transfer them into acting. I consider life itself to be the biggest factor for progress in art.
What role would you like to play in the future?
I like powerful female characters with psychological complexities. For example, Isabelle Hooper’s amazing performance in the movie The Piano Teacher.
In addition to being an actress, you are a painter with a long career, what kind of painting do you do?
Yes, that’s correct. I have been painting for years, the type of painting I do is individual and personal. I use different techniques to create a mental atmosphere that is more fantasy and a kind of hidden violence that is combined with a kind of realism.
What is the painting you are most proud of, could you tell us about it?
Regarding one of my works, it is very difficult to choose, but the statement of my last collection is about a hidden world, where I point out that I see another world that is hidden behind the same world that we see, which is like a kind of magic. Everything in this magical world is different, for example, there are evil characters who are torturing and harassing each other, but at the same time, they enjoy this harassment.
Is it easy to work as a painter in Iran?
To be honest, it is a very difficult and complicated task. A painter in Iran faces many problems, from economic problems caused by sanctions to entering the Iranian art scene and further promoting the artist, which requires a complex hierarchy.
Who are the artists you most admire today in Iran?
There are many artists, I can write a very long list, but I will name some of them here. Bahman Mohammadi.Bita Fayazi.Asal Peirovi.Ali Shayesteh. Hadi Alijani.Rana Dehghan.Meghdad Lorpour.